The Hanover Political District is made up of three distinct areas.

The Hanover Borough contains several different districts, boroughs, and neighborhoods. These are broken down into the following areas:

1. Bayside Long Island – located in the northeastern part of Long Island, this area encompasses the entire east side of the borough (Rockefeller Park), and the eastern end of Todt Hill (also known as “East End”)

2. Centre Square – located in western Long Island, this area comprises most of central Long Island (with a small portion extending south to Southern State Parkway , and includes units 1 through 5 on Nassau’s South Shore).

3. Everett Dockside – located on the western edge of Nassau County , this area consists primarily of small residential subdivisions within West Harbor (the northernmost community on Long Island).

It also includes Ellington Beach State Park as well as large tracts along Ocean Beach

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